CORK Totes and Accessories

Why is cork so great?  Cork fabric is available in beautifully vivid colors and designs and is fun to sew. Pliable and soft, cork fabric allows Portage Embellished Handbags to create totes and handbags with the look and feel of high quality, luxurious leather goods without any of the processing issues associated with leather. It is eco-friendly and 100% sustainable. We also love that CORK is durable and enduring so we can create products we know can handle the load over time.  Enough about why WE are excited to work with cork!  

Here's why YOU will appreciate carrying a cork tote or handbag. Cork is lightweight and soft so it makes a great everyday bag, hypoallergenic so it doesn't absorb dust, antimicrobial, moisture resistant allowing it to age without deteriorating, stain resistant and easy to clean, resistant to friction and scratches, and it is wrinkle resistant and retains its shape.  What more can you ask for?