Cork? Try it, you'll love it!

I’m a believer in purchasing clothing and accessories I believe will result in a low cost per wear value.  An ‘investment’ can certainly be worth it in the long run if you wear it a lot over time, a ’bargain’ not so much if you never wear it! I love it when I when I invest in an outfit or an accessory that over time gets closer and closer to costing me nothing per wear. Rationalization at it’s finest! This rationale only works if you buy well made items in high quality fabrics that you know will last and look great down the road. 

Let’s talk accessories.  When you think of high priced good quality fabrics for accessories leather most likely ranks at the top of the list.  It is used in fashion to make all types of accessories—belts wallets, purses—you name it. I understand why people like it — it has the physical characteristics that make it appealing from an aesthetic standpoint  - smooth shiny, polished look. It is also known for it longevity and durability.  Although leather is considered a luxury product, it does have some downsides—primarily with its production. 

Consider an alternative -- Cork! Cork is not that widely known, but it is the plant-based equivalent of leather in terms of its material characteristics, with none of the issues involved in the production of leather.  Most of us know about cork for its usage in wine bottles, bulletin boards, coasters, flooring and Birkenstocks!

After doing some homework on cork, I decided to branch out and incorporated it in my purse designs for Fall 2019.  Why? Because cork fabric sews like a dream; comes in a multitude of colors, prints and designs; it is durable, sustainable, hypoallergenic, stain resistant, moisture resistant, and lightweight.  I am thrilled to work with cork fabrics that are so far from the natural cork that we’re accustomed to that my customers have to reach out and touch it to believe it. 

I wish I could add ‘inexpensive’ to the list of accolades, but no I can’t—it is expensive.  This is when we have to circle back to cost per wear. If an accessory worth having is one that you wear/use a lot and for over a long period of time, then cork, creating quite a buzz in luxurious and chic accessories, can certainly fit the bill.

(Excerpt from the F/W 2019 LUXE Cincy Digital Magazine. For the complete article go to

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