Animal Print - The NEW Neutral

In past years, animal prints have hit the runways in a big way and have become a key attention-getting trend.  Animal prints appear to be the new neutral, especially for accessories.  It is easy to wear animal print with almost any outfit and for almost any occasion. There are many animal prints that are like leopard, cheetah, snake, zebra, giraffe and many others. Just add a touch of animal print to your fashion assemble and you’ll get a bold, edgy, trendy look.

Animal patterns were introduced to high fashion by Christian Dior back in 1947. He created animal print accessories for his muse, breaking the norms and serving as inspiration for others.  Later in the ‘60s and the ‘80s, leopard prints were a staple for rock stars and now a wardrobe classic for fashionistas. 

In past LUXE articles I’ve mentioned that I love to wear black, but most recently have made a concerted effort to step up my game with more color, designs, and prints. I now have some great accent pieces and some pretty spectacular accessories because of this new animal print vibe.  Animal print has been around for a long time, but I’ve never cared that much for it.  Clearly, I’ve gotten over it! Tops, shoes, and bags in animal prints make my wardrobe much more versatile than it has ever been. Yes, animal print is a very distinctive design/print, but it turns out it is a great neutral to use to mix and match.

Ways to wear animal print…

(Excerpt from 2019 F/W Cbus LUXE Digital Magazine. For the complete article go to

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